wleif: Asia pacific Regional forum

Melbourne, Australia / 29th-30th December, 2016

Explore - Connect - expand - celebrate - trade - invest

A unique opportunity to Join us in Melbourne, Australia, 29th-30th December 2016 to explore a Latvian connection for the success of your business. With a focus on developing business opportunities between Latvia, Australia, and the broader Asia/Pacific region, this is the place to glean expert insights into current opportunities, meet Latvian entrepreneurs and make worthwhile contacts for the future.

A joint initiative of the World Federation of Free Latvians and the Latvian Foreign Ministry, this is the third global forum, and the first to be held outside of Latvia. Our aim is to provide, if not a catalyst, then at least the next step for entrepreneurial minded business developers to explore the exciting opportunities of Latvia as both an investment destination and an accessible pathway to European and broader success. Save the date - you will be glad you did!

Experience Latvia

Krišjānis Putniņš who was born and raised in Australia, moved to Latvia eight years ago where he opened the now very popular tavern 'Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs'. In this video, Krišjānis describes the processs of launching a business in Latvia. He believes: "If you come from abroad with an honest, positive and hardworking attitude, as I see in many young Latvians from abroad, then you have all the opportunities in the world to achieve something in Latvia."


WLEIF: Asia Pacific Regional Forum is organized by the World Federation of Free Latvians, Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand in partnership with the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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